ITAG is a leading provider of Domestic (US) and International Voice Services. Our voice services include a wide range of tools to assist our customers with any of their telecommunications needs. ITAG has a long history of providing top-quality wholesale and retail voice services to the US and Global Marketplace. We maintain strong interconnection agreements with major carriers allowing us the ability to offer un-paralleled service and support. ITAG operates from a large telecom switching facility in New York, giving our customers flexibility and outstanding service.
Our Voice Services Include:

  • A-Z telecom routing
  • Low rates for US and International traffic
  • Premium routing for enhanced quality
  • US-based DIDs
  • US Toll Free numbers
  • SS7, C7, PRI signaling
  • Pre-paid calling solutions
  • IVR systems and support
  • Wholesale and retail voice pricing
  • PC-to Phone services

A ITAG Affiliate is the leading provider of retail long distance services for business and residential customers. Our calling plans use local or toll-free access numbers for you to place low-cost International calls. Our plans include:

  • 2.9ยข for US calls, great International rates based on using local access numbers
  • No Connection Fee, No Maintenance Fee, No Hidden Charges or Expiration
  • Aggressive rates, excellent quality
  • Rechargeable
  • Discount rewards programs
  • Global access numbers in 30 countries

A Key ITAG Affiliate offers broadband VoIP service from anywhere in the world. Enjoy great low rates and easy access using your Broadband Internet connection. With Broadband VoIP, you can:

  • Make low-cost calls using your Broadband Internet connection
  • Call from anywhere in the world
  • Use a US Telephone Number
  • Our affiliate offers a wide range of low-rate cards to fit your calling needs
  • Use our card selector to pick the best card for you
  • View all of our available calling cards
  • Create a custom calling card for your company

PC to Phone
Our worldwide calling Affiliate offers a PC to Phone service that allows you to call anywhere in the world directly from your PC. With incredibly low rates, clear voice calls and no connection fees, this company provides the best way to place domestic and international calls - conveniently from your desktop or laptop computer.
Broadband In addition, this affiliate now offers VoIP service directly over your Broadband service! Easy to use, great quality and quick to setup! Find out more now! Only $9.99 per month, Includes 250 Free International Minutes.
Carrier Services
A key ITAG affiliate provides a wide range of wholesale telecom services. Our company-owned telecom switching facility in New York provides global connectivity for A-Z routing as well as wide range of premium services. This affiliate offers our customers:

  • International Voice Termination
  • Premium routing to top destinations
  • TDM and VoIP switching capabilities
  • Co-location and hosting services
Switch Partitioning