Software & Applications

ITAG Software can help companies and governments achieve business results faster and at lower cost. As well as building our own software, we also collaborate with industry leaders to develop industry enhancements or accelerators of their proprietary software products or create entirely new products together. Our software products are found across several layers from operation support software to business support applications. For example, there is a greater requirement for network performance and QoS based on the complexity of service delivery in a converged media environment where a seemingly simple service such as a voice can travel over numerous different network platforms. As more complex services are carried over FMC, such as video streaming which requires specific QoS, this requirement will become even more important. Detailed tracking of premium services, required for billing and allocation of revenue share, is another area where application developers can assist. This area is likely to experience exponential growth as the all-IP fixed network is brought in closer proximity to the mobile network allowing the services in the fixed environment to be incorporated with those already available in the mobile environment.
Ultimately the aim of these technological approaches is ITAG’s aim to become central in the software, applications environment within the next generation converged IP network. ITAG wishes to be the agnostic service hub within the networked environment. ITAG is also offering numerous applications for Mobile and IPTV environment:

      • Voting Application
      • Content Download (Game, Ring tones, wallpaper…) Application
      • Scheduled Notification Application
      • Usage tracking (Tracks subscriber behavior, set record or alert events. It can use both GPRS channel and SMS channel for usage data collection. Operator can export the usage data in different formats for further processing) Application
      • Personalized recommendation (Generates personal user profiles with usage data collected and creates recommendations for future program viewing for subscribed users) Application
      • SMS services for interactive applications (Send and receive SMS capability for interactive applications).
      • Chatting (Chat server to provide chat room and user administration. Chat rooms will be created on chat server and users can be registered with chat server. Any standard chat client can be used to communicate with the chat server from a handset with web browsing capabilities) Application.
      • Video On Demand Application.

ITAG Software & Applications offers the right combination of technology and business skills that will help you achieve better business outcomes. Whether you want to make enterprise-wide technology improvements or undertake a complex business transformation, organizations that employ the resources of a team with a wealth of experience and differentiated tools can achieve a new kind of flexibility.