Satellite Communication


ITAG designs and engineers Satellite-based Cellular Backhaul (SB/H) solutions with both quality and cost in mind. While cell backhaul solutions are reliably deployed in tens of thousands of locations around the world, many are inefficient, not taking into account the full pallet of technologies available to limit cost, enhance connectivity.
ITAg is the leading provider of satellite communication services in the Middle East & North Africa. As such, ITAG continues to offer its customers multi-mission satellites delivering broadcast services such as television, that meet both current and emerging demands of MENA customers. ITAG connects the world via its global platform partnering with the world’s leaders in satellite communications, enabling its customers to reach their final audience anytime, and anywhere.

ITAG vision is to be recognized as the pioneer of satellite communications in the MENA region. ITAG is committed to continuously expanding its services in order to meet the evolving needs of its customers, delivering an unparalleled level of service by maintaining the highest product quality, employing the most skilled individuals, and remaining a leading figure in new technologies.
ITAG is committed to providing clients a range of video communication solutions with a dedication to excellence, expertise, and outstanding service, through our dedicated Satellite Communication to meet each client's unique needs and requirements through turnkey project management and a la carte services as needed.
Our SB/H typically is placed in locations where microwave or fiber offers either restricted availability or is too expensive to utilize. But SB/H may also be the preferred solution when considering factors such as the ability to serve remote, rural, or even moving locations and the ease of application for emergency or temporary requirements.
ITAG crafts satellite cell backhaul to flexibly enter the network:

  • • Based upon the individual site’s traffic profile and the overall principles of the network’s in place engineering
  • • Looking for any relevant Operational expense savings
  • • Limiting single points of failure
  • • Engineering at the BTS (local connectivity, additional remote services).

ITAG implements SB/H solutions incorporating, as required

  • • SCPC (Single Channel/Carrier) backhaul - where bandwidth requirements are extensive and/or diversity along a heavy used route is operationally required.
  • • TDMA/DAMA (Dynamically assigned multiple access) backhaul – for moderate traffic such as rural.
    • OPEX reduction, route diversity.
  • • Hybrid (microwave, SCPC, and DAMA).