Managing with confidence begins by knowing the people at every level of your company are accurately assessing risk and integrating risk considerations into strategic decision making. When a single interruption can have rippling effects throughout the organization, it can also wash away customer satisfaction, damage a company’s reputation and drive down its profitability. ITAG Business Risk Consulting Services helps our clients tackle these issues. ITAG works with the client to develop a deeper understanding of their business vulnerabilities and exposures so they can protect their key revenue streams, minimize business interruption, and preserve their reputation.
ITAG also typically assesses critical suppliers and the exposure they represent. In addition, the ITAG offers consultation ranging from values analysis, which helps to improve the consistency and accuracy of business income values collection, to specific exposure analysis and business continuity management support.

ITAG Risk consulting services:  

          • Identifies and quantifies financial exposures
          • Opens risk management communication channels
          • Determines requirements for business survival
          • Provides vital information to make more precise decisions regarding risk retention and risk transfer
          • Identifies risk improvement, business resilience and business continuity strategies
          • Prioritizes risk management resources, capital expenditure and actions for business survival
          • Raises the profile of risk management across the business
          • Enhances confidence
          • Drives business continuity management