At ITAG, outsourcing is about the collective strengths of organizations jointly pursuing a common goal. It is the strong capabilities and unique experiences of our people and partners that result in business value for our clients. ITAG offer technology and services that fill the gaps and raise the bar of performance, including:

  • Project consulting, from the development of requirements and specifications to management of implementation
  • Professional services providing the expertise you need when you need it on a contract basis
  • Base station and switching equipment for both terrestrial and satellite connectivity
  • Design and integration of individual systems and complex cellular networks
  • Managed network services providing complete wireless communications solutions on a hosted basis
  • Lifecycle support that ensures maximum performance and uptime for your networks

The future of your company’s success could be linked to your successful relationships with your outsourcing partners. The reasons for using outsourcing for components or the complete finished product could include; less expensive supplies, increased capacity, or reduced overhead. ITAG is your successful outsourcing partnership where you would not need to guide your supplier on how to perform the task, but where you can just focus on communication with the supplier and monitor the results you expect.