Mobility is profitable with the right implementation plan. Here at ITAG we can help you transform your business to be more efficient and effective, providing your consumer and  employees with anytime access to essential business information via mobile browsers. Our offerings help create more feature-rich, native software applications for mobile devices to provide a better path to back-end enterprise capabilities. Our web tools allow end users to generate their own content and create communities of people of similar interests. This is driving the need to stay connected to the Internet even more. People are also demanding Internet access on-the-move. In many locations, mobile devices are the only way to access the Internet, making them the ultimate choice for Internet mobility. With richer services and content flourishing on the fixed Internet, users expect the same richness and enhanced experience on mobile devices. This demand poses a tremendous challenge to both operators and service providers. Whether it is superior usability or instant access to Internet services, our browsing solutions can help meet those demands. Our Browsing Solutions allow operators to provide faster, richer Internet browsing using safer Internet experiences on mobile devices, anywhere and at anytime.  With our strong expertise and long experience in the market, we offer: Cost-effective, next generation architecture with the flexibility to meet different operators' mobile Internet strategies and Market-leading accelerated Internet browsing solution with rich features to ensure the best mobile Internet experience. We offer:

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Network Browsing Gateway
  • Policy Control Server
  • RAN Cost Efficiency
  • Single RAN Multi-Controller
  • Self-Optimizing Networks