Marketing & Sales

Our Marketing & Sales Management solutions combine sales and marketing process improvements with current technology to help companies add controls and measurement capabilities. We maximize the connection between products, pricing, promotions, and distribution channels by putting the right tools in place to drive targeted demand, greater margins, and more accountability. Experience shows improvement in these areas significantly increases ROI and helps companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customers.

Marketing & Sales Management solutions can help you:

      • • Create new channels to generate sales
      • • Better understand customers and segment services to fit profitability profiles
      • • Ensure the effectiveness of spending to incent customers and trading partners to buy (or sell) your products and services
      • • Make call and customer support centers as customer responsive as possible

      Marketing & Sales Management solutions focus areas:

      • Trade Promotion Management & Optimization. Controlling trade spend is vitally important to reducing and managing costs in any economy. Your company's performance will show improved ROI with better-targeted spends and fewer, more successful promotions.
      • Marketing Resources Management. Aligning sales and marketing processes allows companies to better understand customers and determine how to best retain and grow business.
      • Customer Satisfaction and Care. Staying close to customers is a business imperative. We can help refine your customer strategy with improved customer experience insights, but ensure you get the most out of the tools in place for great customer care - not only for today's sale, but in the future.
      • Marketing strategy is closely aligned with the overall business strategy, supporting business goals and objectives, while uncovering opportunities to differentiate and emphasize the unique value of the offering.
      • • Sales strategy lies at the center of all tactical marketing, sales, product management and communication activities, ensuring that consistent messaging and branding occurs across the multiple customer domains.

We provide the following Market Definition Services:

• Market Surveys
: The objective of the market survey is to deeply understand your target audience through rigorous survey process.  You also have an opportunity to test all of your business assumptions including the key pains that you address, the decision drivers, your value propositions, the buying process, pricing, functionality, how best to engage so that you are viewed as a strategic instead of tactical solution provider and key decision or validation influencers.
• Market Sizing: The market sizing study helps you determine your potential revenue opportunity. We examine factors like target audience segmentation, current and projected spend, and ingredients for market dominance.
• Competitive Analysis: Our competitive analysis study will help you understand and anticipate the opportunities and risks with your go-to-market strategy relative to competitors or competitive substitutes. During this study we will also review the market penetration of competitors across segmentation and size.  Finally, we will perform a SWOT analysis between your company/solutions and your key competitors.
• Core Messaging Development and Delivery – Workshop: We work with you to construct a “core-messaging document” that clearly defines the pain points and value propositions for your key stakeholders or persona. This integrated set of messages to your target audience will create awareness, convey value, educate or substantiate your credibility.

During this workshop we also work with you to create the elevated conversation – how you help your target audience achieve success in their field – above and inclusive of your products and services