Managed Services

More than ever, CTOs are under pressure to make sure technology investments improve their company's competitive position and boost the bottom line. With global sourcing of IT emerging as a highly effective option for achieving these goals, many organizations are implementing "active sourcing programs" to select and manage a roster of best-of-breed IT service vendors. At ITAG, we offer managed services in state of the art facilities, integrated network infrastructure, and tools that is complemented by onsite capabilities in major clientele. This has helped our clients choose solutions that meet their global sourcing needs.
ITAG has helped numerous clients meet their global sourcing needs by helping them identify, evaluate and configure their IT architectures across multiple geographies to reduce costs, mitigate risks and maximize performance.

Managing IT security is critical, but can be complex if not deployed with the proper tools and expertise. ITAG Managed Services PKI can help you establish, enhance and manage security across your environment by providing proven solutions. ITAG provides customers with a hands-off approach for meeting the strict digital certificate requirements for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Service providers can choose to deploy the required PKI themselves, but ITAG Managed Services PKI offers a number of key benefits, including the simple, fast delivery of certificates to help secure key resources. When choosing a hosted service, the total cost of ownership is reduced as there is no need to develop and retain expert PKI staff or make significant capital expenditures on high-security facilities. ITAG manages setup and on-going operations, costly audits, server and storage maintenance and upgrades, as well as disaster recovery requirements. This allows service providers to focus on their business, products and customers, while ensuring protection of the keys at the foundation of trust in your converged media and IT solution.

Our experts deliver significant benefits, driving business optimization through technical solution capabilities and process expertise, keeping clients' management overheads to the minimum. We offer a variety of structured delivery models to meet clients' individual needs, improve their ROI and enhance service levels.