Integration & Hosting Services

Increasingly, collaboration, data sharing, and interaction modes that involves distributed resources, resulted in an increased focus on the interconnection of systems both within and across enterprises. These evolutionary pressures have led ITAG to adapt to the development of Grid technologies. Grid provides an extensible set of services that can be aggregated in various ways to meet the needs of virtual organizations, which themselves can be defined in part by the services they operate and share.

Using Grid methodology, ITAG provides telecommunication, Satellite, IPTV, and converged multimedia Integration services.  ITAG has a proven track record in the design, integration and deployment of converged networks and applications. Leveraging years of experience, broad expertise and extensive investments to develop proven methodologies, ITAG Integration delivers world-class, end-to-end multimedia services that are reliable, scalable and secure with reduced time to market. ITAG provides middleware solutions that can scale up to millions of subscribers.

At ITAG, we executed the trend of "everything, every time, everywhere" more and more. Today in most domains the multitude of networks, devices and technologies are integrated in isolated applications with fixed hardware settings and inflexible service delivery platform. But humans live in changing environments and have varying requirements, so they need customizable systems which adapt dynamically. As many different types of devices exist, it is a big challenge to integrate them within one big system. At ITAG, we adapt the Grid concept that enables dynamic and flexible integration of heterogeneous devices.

ITAG Application Hosting is helping companies with mission critical online transaction requirements. We understand that the rise of content rich applications coupled with 24/7 demand, requires technology that is flexible, agile and scalable to keep pace. As part of a select group of global hosting providers, ITAG Hosting provides the robust and scalable platforms needed to quickly increase server capacity to cope with peaks in traffic without the need to invest in additional hardware.

We can provide all of the sophisticated back-end IT infrastructure (dubbed Platform as a Service - PaaS), a secure, cost-effective and reliable hosting environment, and the customized 24/7 support services you need to deliver your interactive media applications. Solutions are designed with no single point of failure, and the dedicated network infrastructure is also fully redundant. Servers can be connected to ITAG Hosting’s managed storage area network (SAN) and include tape back-up systems for added redundancy and future scalability on demand. Our data centre is certified to the highest international security standards. Hosting services include SAN/NAS storage management, security, monitoring and data centre management services.

You will be able to:

        • • Implement your software faster with a lower total cost of ownership
        • • Rest assured your systems are powerful, scalable, secure, flexible and cost-effective
        • Provide for huge traffic spikes - expected or unexpected - with low local and international latency